Groups & Events at Hugo's


Wine Gentleman Hannu Noschis and restaurateur Lasse Öhman provide an entertainment experience focused on wine, wine culture and food. These two gentlemen give you both useful, valuable information as well as fun stories on the subject. Why don´t start or end your Tallinn visit with our  Wine tasting Experience.  Or enjoy it as the start of your dinner. The package includes tasting of
4-6 wines, wine presentations, themed wine stories and a fair-sized snack plate.
Group price 49 EUR / person. The duration of the program is approximately 2 hours.
Suitable group size is 8-40 people. (NOTE: If you arrive after 18:00 the entire restaurant is at your disposal)

Reservations and further information: Lasse Öhman,, +358 50 555 8072
or Hannu Noschis

Here are examples of Hugo´s popular wine tasting packages:

1. The romance between wine and food.

Learn how to master the harmony of food and wine by exploring the sour, bitter, salty
and sweet secrets of flavors.

2. Champagne or sparkling wine? The most expensive is not always the best.

Find out what you pay for in a sparkling wine. Learn interesting and new things about sparkling, discover the differences and identify different types of sparkling. You will learn how to distinguish real champagne from other sparkling wines.

3. A Journey through classic European wine countries.

Join us for a wine adventure to Italy, France and Spain. Wine has been produced in Europe for over 3000 years. The importance of the Romans to the spread of wine culture in Europe has been enormous. Interesting stories and great wines in this program!

4. The spectrum of wines for dark nights.

A dark, rainy autumn evening with delicious wine in your hand. We take a look at carefully selected autumn wines. We taste both spicy and gutsy red wines and (for balancing) fresh white wines.

5. Christmas Table Tasty Wines.

Choosing the right wines for a Scandinavian Christmas table can be challenging. There are so many different dishes, all with different taste. Roe, marinated fish, smoked fish, ham, pies, cheese. How to find the right wines for all quite salty Christmas dishes? No problem - after this wine session, you`ll be able to pair wines with any food!

A fair sized snack plate is included in the price!

For 35 years, Hannu Noschis has followed his father´s the legendary restaurateur Ville Noschis, tracks. Hannu´s grandfather Wilhelm Noschis senior started in the 1880s as a sommelier in Kleinehs Hotel´s restaurant  in Helsinki, at that time the finest “ to be seen” place for celebrities. Hannu has worked as a sommelier, butler and restaurateur at several top restaurants both abroad and in Finland.